Samsung and LG TVs in Spain Offer Free Access to Series and Movies

There is no need to resort to hacking or using Pirate IPTV to access quality content, nor do you need to purchase a Netflix subscription or any other streaming service. Surprisingly, many people are unaware of the existence of free services that offer series and movies without requiring any payment.

These services are known as FAST, which stands for “Free, Ad Supported TV”, or free ad-supported television. Essentially, they operate similarly to traditional television channels by providing free content in exchange for showing advertisements, but are adapted to current technology.

Many smart TVs already come with these services pre-installed. Brands like Samsung, LG, and Xiaomi offer free services such as Samsung TV Plus and LG Channels. However, a new player has entered the European market – Sony Pictures has announced the launch of Sony One, a free television service that provides access to licensed content.

Sony One will offer an impressive selection of 54 channels, each catering to a different audience with a variety of genres and themes. Some of the channels include Sony One Comedy TV, Sony One Thriller TV, Sony One Favorites, Sony One Comedy HITS, Sony One Action HITS, and more.

What sets Sony One apart is its commitment to providing localized content for each territory. This means viewers in Spain can enjoy content in Spanish, while viewers in other countries like France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Finland will have access to content in their respective languages.

With a diverse range of channels and localized content, Sony One is set to revolutionize the way audiences consume free television services. The platform is expected to launch in Spain in April, offering a fresh alternative to traditional paid streaming services.