Summer release date set for ‘Reagan’ starring Dennis Quaid and Jon Voight – “This is a significant film,” declares producers

The highly anticipated biopic “Reagan” starring Dennis Quaid as former President Ronald Reagan and featuring Jon Voight has officially been given a summer release date. Set to hit theaters on August 30, the film has been picked up for North American distribution by ShowBiz Direct, making it the debut release for the newly launched studio.

The announcement was made by Deadline, highlighting the involvement of Kevin Mitchell, Richie Fay, and Scott Kennedy in leading ShowBiz Direct. Mitchell expressed his excitement for the film, praising Quaid for his portrayal of Reagan and emphasizing the goal of the studio to bridge the gap between the creative community and exhibition while embracing theatrical releases in a transparent manner.

“Reagan” is the first full-length biopic of the former president, tracing his life from childhood to the White House. The story opens with an aging Viktor Petrovich (Jon Voight) being visited by a rising Russian leader seeking insights into how the Soviet Union lost, leading Petrovich to share the life story of Reagan. The star-studded cast also includes Penelope Ann Miller, Mena Suvari, Lesley-Anne Down, David Henrie, and Kevin Dillon.

Filmed in 2020, “Reagan” has been eagerly awaited by fans of Quaid and Reagan alike. Quaid, who described the role as one of the most challenging in his career, expressed his enthusiasm for working on the film and collaborating with ShowBiz Direct to bring it to theaters this summer. Producer Mark Joseph praised Quaid’s portrayal of Reagan, citing his resemblance, smile, and optimism as key factors in his casting for the role.

Despite initial reservations, Quaid was ultimately motivated by his admiration for Reagan and the opportunity to portray him on screen. Joseph’s confidence in Quaid’s ability to embody the former president was unwavering, emphasizing that the actor was the ideal choice for the role. The film’s production and Quaid’s dedication to honoring Reagan’s legacy underscore its significance as an important movie that pays tribute to one of the nation’s best presidents.

As anticipation builds for the release of “Reagan,” Quaid’s commitment to the role and the film’s focus on celebrating Reagan’s life and accomplishments have garnered positive attention. The biopic promises to offer audiences a compelling portrayal of the conservative icon and his impact on American history. Amidst the praise and excitement surrounding the upcoming release, Quaid’s dedication to bringing Reagan’s story to the big screen is commendable, demonstrating a commitment to honoring the legacy of a beloved president.