Support Following her Son’s Suicide Leaves Janelle Brown Feeling “Honored”

**Janelle Brown Honors Late Son Garrison with Instagram Tribute**

Janelle Brown, a long-time cast member of the reality show Sister Wives, shared a heartfelt Instagram post in memory of her late son, Garrison. Garrison, who tragically passed away by suicide on March 4, was honored at a ceremony by the Nevada National Guard. The emotional tribute took place at the Clark County Armory in Las Vegas.

In the Instagram post, Janelle shared a series of photos from the ceremony, capturing the soldiers folding Garrison’s burial flag, standing at attention, and presenting the flag to Janelle. The photos also included poignant moments of soldiers standing next to a picture of Garrison and a pair of boots, symbolizing his absence.

In the caption, Janelle expressed her gratitude for the overwhelming support she has received since Garrison’s passing. She thanked everyone for their love, prayers, and stories shared in memory of her son. The ceremony served as a touching remembrance of Garrison, and Janelle mentioned that he would have appreciated the honor.

Garrison, the son of Janelle and her husband Kody, took his own life at the age of 25, leaving his family and friends devastated. According to close sources, Garrison had been battling depression and was coping with heavy drinking. Before his death, he sent a troubling text message that raised concerns among his loved ones.

After receiving the distressing message, Janelle reached out to her other children, asking them to check on Garrison. It was his brother, Gabriel, who discovered Garrison’s lifeless body in his apartment in Flagstaff, Arizona, the following day.

The loss of Garrison has deeply affected Janelle and her family. Despite the sorrow, Janelle shared photos from the ceremony to commemorate her son’s life, expressing that it was a meaningful moment for them. She also thanked fans for their donations to animal shelters in Garrison’s name, highlighting his love for the cats he adopted from these organizations.

Janelle attended Garrison’s memorial alongside her family, including Garrison’s father Kody, his brothers Gabriel, Hunter, Logan, and members of the 1st Squadron, 221st Cavalry, to which Garrison belonged. The Brown family continues to mourn the loss of Garrison and cherish his memory.

As we continue to remember Garrison and honor his life, may he rest in peace. Our thoughts and prayers are with Janelle Brown and her family during this difficult time.