How Apple Persuaded Me to Keep Paying Monthly and Save Money

It has been two and a half years since I started paying my monthly subscription for Apple One, a bundle that consolidates various Apple services into one convenient package. This not only saves me money each month but is also much cheaper than subscribing to the services individually, especially when opting for a family plan that includes up to five additional members.

Interestingly, even though I do not fully utilize all the services offered by Apple One, such as Apple Fitness+ and Apple Arcade, I still find the subscription to be incredibly cost-effective. I currently have the most expensive plan, the Apple One Premium, priced at 35.95 euros per month, which has increased in price since its introduction. However, the shared cost among six individuals makes it a worthwhile investment.

One of the main reasons we chose the Apple One Premium plan is the generous 2 TB of iCloud storage it offers, which is essential for our needs. When comparing the cost of contracting each service individually versus the total cost of the Apple One Premium plan, the savings are substantial, even without including Apple Fitness+ and Apple Arcade.

While there is a minor inconvenience with the inability to split payments among family members, overall, the convenience and savings provided by Apple One outweigh this drawback. Additionally, the 2 TB of iCloud storage is sufficient for our current usage, with the option to add extra storage if needed for a nominal fee.

In conclusion, I have found Apple One to be a cost-effective solution for accessing multiple Apple services and recommend it to others who have a group of individuals interested in sharing the subscription. The savings and convenience of having all services bundled together make it a smart choice for many users.