The Morales Family Strikes a Blow

The brutal murder of Susana Morales, a 16-year-old Hispanic girl, shook the community in July 2022. She was kidnapped and later found dead after resisting a rape attempt. The heinous crime took place in Norcross, Georgia, where Susana was last seen leaving her home to meet friends. However, she never made it to her destination as she was intercepted by a savage man who took her against her will.

Months later, in February 2023, Susana’s remains were discovered on a roadside in Gwinnett County, along with a firearm. Shockingly, the gun belonged to an active police officer from Doraville, Miles Bryant, who initially claimed it was stolen from his vehicle. However, further investigations revealed that Miles was involved in Susana’s murder and was subsequently arrested and charged with homicide and attempted rape.

It was also uncovered that Miles had a history of inappropriate behavior towards women, including his colleagues. Despite his misconduct, Miles enjoyed privileges and protection within the police force, allowing him to continue his abusive actions unchecked. The revelation of his true character shocked those who knew him, painting a picture of a man far from the respectable image he portrayed.

The negligence of the authorities in addressing Miles’ misconduct and allowing him to retain his position raised questions about the system’s accountability. Susana’s family, seeking justice, filed a lawsuit against the residential complex where the tragedy occurred, citing a history of violence and crime in the area. They hold the administrators responsible for providing shelter to a dangerous individual like Miles, which ultimately led to the loss of their beloved daughter.

Even Miles’ girlfriend, who was a victim of his violent behavior, was not spared from his wrath. The upcoming trial to address this case brings hope to Susana’s family for some form of compensation and closure. The tragic story of Susana Morales serves as a reminder of the importance of holding individuals accountable for their actions and addressing systemic failures that enable such atrocities to occur.