The next generation of Nissan GT-R and Z models are currently being developed, although the process is expected to take some time.

Nissan Confirms Development of Next-Gen GT-R and Z Models

After years of speculation, Nissan has officially confirmed that it is actively working on the next-generation GT-R, known as the R36, as well as the successor to the Z model. With the current Nissan GT-R R35 reaching the end of its production run, fans of the iconic Godzilla lineage can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that new models are in the works.

In a recent interview with Engine Authority, Nissan North America Senior Vice President Ponz Pandikuthira confirmed that the R35 GT-R is on its way out, as previously rumored. He also revealed that the design process for its replacement is already underway, with multiple design concepts currently under review. While the final design has yet to be confirmed, Global Senior Vice President of Design Alfonso Albaisa hinted that the GT-R’s signature four-circle taillights will likely make a return in the R36 model. He also emphasized that the new GT-R will maintain its intimidating and aggressive styling, describing it as an “ugly, threatening car.”

Albaisa and Pandikuthira both highlighted that the R36 GT-R will continue to offer the same blend of performance and daily drivability that has made the current model popular. Pandikuthira suggested that an electric drivetrain is being considered for the new GT-R, with the company’s Formula E campaign serving as a testing ground for the technology. However, the final decision on the powertrain has not been made, as Nissan aims to ensure that the GT-R can handle track use without running out of power. Reports also suggest that a hybrid powertrain is being considered as a backup option.

“The next generation GT-R has to be a true GT-R,” Pandikuthira stated, indicating that Nissan is keen on delivering a worthy successor to the legendary sports car.

In addition to the GT-R, Nissan is also working on the next iteration of the Z model. Albaisa confirmed that the new Z’s design is in progress, with the current Z model expected to have a long life ahead of it. When the new Z arrives, it will not follow the same styling cues as the current model, with Albaisa hinting at a reinvention of iconic Z models like the 240Z or a departure towards a new design direction like the 350Z. The likelihood of a hybrid powertrain for the next Z model is high, with reports suggesting that an electrified RZ34 variant could be in the works by 2025.

Overall, Nissan’s commitment to developing new generations of its beloved performance cars is evident in the dedication to creating successors that stay true to their heritage while embracing modern technology and design trends. Fans of the GT-R and Z models can look forward to exciting new chapters in these iconic lineups as Nissan prepares to unveil its latest creations.