The Value of Elon Musk and Steve Jobs’ Cards Outweigh Those of Albert Einstein, the Father of Modern Science

What if we told you that the most expensive business card in the world belonged to Steve Jobs? Above any other intellectual, thinker, scientist, or politician, just a few days ago, a Steve Jobs business card sold for almost €170,000, breaking all known records.

The irony of all this is that auctions for these cards are relatively rare today since Jobs distributed dozens of them while he was alive. However, among Albert Einstein’s few private mementos, a card was found and only paid for it in 2001 for $8,125.

Business cards were the basis of professional communication a few years ago. They gave a certain corporate air in the yuppie world of the 80s, but towards the 90s, their fame began to decline and today, they are barely an appendage of the world of marketing. They are still useful as a reminder, as they usually contain contact information and can be useful to have that information handy.

Famous is the scene from American Psycho written by Easton Ellis where the protagonist, Patrick Bateman, feels frustrated because other companions have aesthetically better cards. Some of these cards were printed on cardstock, stiff paper, and were plasticized to prevent deterioration. Details such as typography, density, or paper weight were directly associated with the status of the person carrying said cards. And there was a time when refusing to give it was, in itself, a symbol of power.

To top off that feeling of exclusivity, some users signed or printed signature cards. The most valuable ones include a SpaceX business card signed by Elon Musk, which was auctioned for more than €36,200.

Business cards are today a rarity that is used less and less, which is all the more reason to collect them. Cards of personalities such as Bruce Lee, former President of the United States Barack Obama, Bill Gates, or the legendary Wyatt Earp are highly valued. But Steve Jobs tops the list with over twenty units auctioned.

The category of genius has often been debated when talking about Steve Jobs. His historic innovations and unique perspective and way of working demonstrate his capabilities. Furthermore, many of his customs, such as his daily routines or Steve Jobs’ way of dressing, coincided with that of Albert Einstein.

In the film, Robert Oppenheimer is tortured for having been the father of the atomic bomb. Einstein, a dedicated pacifist, also rejected the advances that led to the creation of the atomic bomb. Both Einstein and Jobs are remembered for their contributions, but Jobs seems to have a more enduring popularity.

In conclusion, the rare and valuable business cards of iconic figures like Steve Jobs and Elon Musk continue to fascinate collectors and enthusiasts alike. These cards not only represent a piece of history but also highlight the impact and legacy of these visionary entrepreneurs.