This transparent Chevy LS V8 is a stunning display of the power of internal combustion.

A completely transparent engine has been developed by Brian King, the man behind the YouTube channel Machete AWD. This invention showcases the internal workings of a typical internal combustion engine, providing an educational tool for those interested in learning more about how engines function.

King’s transparent engine was created by purchasing an old, broken Chevy LS V8 for $50 and stripping it of its metal skin to replace it with clear plastic. The engine was rebuilt to closely mimic the functioning of a typical internal combustion engine, including a fully functioning crankshaft assembly, camshafts, valves, and a functional oil pump. However, to adapt the engine for display purposes, it was modified to run without actual combustion. Instead, an electric motor was used to drive the crankshaft.

One of the most impressive aspects of King’s transparent engine is the incorporation of LED lights to indicate the firing of the spark plugs and the timing mechanism. A magnet on the camshaft sprocket, as it rotates, passes through metal tubes with magnetic switches that turn on the LED lights. This feature allows viewers to observe the firing order and timing of an LS V8 engine in real time, providing a unique perspective on the speed and violence of internal combustion engines.

The transparent engine is a remarkable demonstration of the complete four-stroke cycle of an engine, offering an educational opportunity for those interested in the mechanics of internal combustion. The video of the transparent engine in action, released by the Smarter Every Day YouTube channel, has garnered attention and acclaim for its innovative approach to showcasing the internal workings of an engine.

This development represents a breakthrough in the field of engine education and provides visual learners with a valuable resource to understand the complexities of internal combustion. King’s transparent engine serves as an educational tool that enhances the understanding of engine design and operation, contributing to the advancement of knowledge in the field of mechanical engineering.