Trump Begs for Donations and Dares to Sell Bibles

Trump, the former president of the United States, is making headlines once again as he ventures into a new business endeavor – selling Bibles. Amidst his ongoing legal battles and financial troubles, Trump has taken a bold step to capitalize on religion by offering his own version of the Bible to the public.

Known for his entrepreneurial spirit, Trump has decided to commercialize Bibles with the slogan ‘Make America Pray Again’. These Bibles are being sold for $60 each, as reported by the agency EFE. The former president has been facing financial challenges due to the lawsuits against him, prompting him to explore new ways to generate revenue.

In a promotional video for the Bibles, Trump can be heard saying, “Every American needs the Bible in their home; I have many.” He proudly endorses the product as his favorite book and encourages others to acquire it. The ‘package’ also includes the US Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence, and the Pledge of Allegiance, which Trump refers to as ‘part of the Bible of the US’.

The promotional video was posted on Trump’s social media platform ‘Truth Social’, where he announced the sale of the ‘God Bless the Bible of the United States’. The main objective behind this initiative is to raise funds for his re-election campaign and to promote prayer in America once again. This strategic move has been timed to coincide with the Easter celebrations of the Christian faith, making it a potentially effective marketing tactic.

Trump’s confidence in returning to the presidency of the United States is evident in his actions. He has chosen the King James Bible for his version, with another edition by Lee Greenwood, whom Trump considers a partner and friend. Despite the controversies surrounding him, Trump remains focused on his re-election campaign and the promotion of his Bible products.

In conclusion, Trump’s decision to sell Bibles amidst his financial challenges and legal battles may raise eyebrows, but it reflects his entrepreneurial spirit and determination to stay relevant in the public eye. The success of this venture remains to be seen, but it has certainly sparked a conversation about the intersection of politics, religion, and business in today’s society.