Amid Pneumonia Outbreak Concerns, Xi Jinping Emphasizes Acceleration of Shanghai’s Development

China’s President, Xi Jinping, has strongly emphasized the importance of accelerating the development of Shanghai as a metropolitan city that is not only modern but also socialist and internationally significant.

This statement was made during an inspection tour that took place from Tuesday (28/11) to Saturday (2/12).

During his visit, Xi specifically urged Shanghai to expedite its development steps to become a metropolitan city that not only exerts global influence but also plays a leading role and serves as a model in driving the modernization of China as a whole.

As reported by, since the beginning of his inspection tour, President Xi directly visited the Shanghai Futures Exchange on Tuesday afternoon after disembarking from his train.

There, he provided strong encouragement to expedite the development of the exchange to achieve world-class status.

Furthermore, Xi emphasized that the exchange should actively contribute to exploring future regulatory systems, developing business models in line with China’s characteristics, and playing a role in the development of the international financial center.

The importance of the science and technology sector in driving China’s modernization became the focus when Xi visited the Zhangjiang Science City in the Pudong New Area.

Here, he stated that China’s modernization cannot be separated from strategic support in the fields of science and technology, education, and human talent.

Xi emphasized that Shanghai must lead in these efforts, demonstrating a high commitment to advancing these sectors.

With a firm and determined stance, Xi Jinping clearly conveyed the message that Shanghai is expected not only to be a modern and dynamic economic center but also a cultural, social, and scientific center that plays a crucial role in realizing China’s vision of modernization.