Tyler Guyton’s stock is on the rise, while Quinyon Mitchell has a good chance of being drafted on the first day.

The Senior Bowl Practice for 2024 took place on the first day, showcasing a pool of talents that left NFL decision-makers impressed. The practice session, held in Mobile, Alabama, proved to be a spectacle as several stand-out performers undoubtedly raised their stock in the upcoming NFL draft. From offensive line prowess to defensive back skills, the players exhibited a wide array of talent that kept the coaches, scouts, and analysts buzzing.

The offensive line, a significant focus for April’s draft, saw several players shine on the first day of practice. Tyler Guyton from Oklahoma displayed top-notch skills as a right tackle, showcasing exceptional fundamentals, athleticism, and strength. His performance solidified his status as a potential top-10 pick, affirming the anticipation that he will be an early selection in the upcoming draft.

Jackson Powers-Johnson from Oregon also had a dominant showing, living up to his reputation as the top-rated center for the draft. Despite initial concerns about his participation due to injury, Powers-Johnson’s versatility and commanding presence in both guard and center positions further cemented his position as a top prospect.

In addition to the offensive line, the defensive backfield also saw outstanding performances, particularly from Quinyon Mitchell of Toledo. His exceptional agility, ball skills, and awareness made him a standout cornerback on the field, positioning him as a potential first-round pick in the upcoming draft.

The day also witnessed impressive displays from Isaiah Adams of Illinois, who demonstrated remarkable strength and aggressiveness at both tackle and guard positions. Jamari Thrash, a receiver from Louisville, drew attention with his ability to make crucial plays in varying coverage situations, showcasing versatility and a knack for getting open.

On the defensive front, Jordan Jefferson from LSU left a lasting impression with his dominant performance, displaying raw strength and relentless pursuit. DeWayne Carter from Duke, despite surprising observers with his increased weight, showcased exceptional power and agility, proving to be a disruptive force against the opposition.

The display of talent at the Senior Bowl Practice hints at the potential for an exciting and eventful NFL draft in April. With the spotlight on these standout performers, the anticipation and excitement surrounding the draft are undoubtedly building up, as scouts and teams begin to evaluate and strategize their selections.

Overall, the first day of practice for the Senior Bowl in 2024 proved to be an insightful and exhilarating experience, shedding light on the wealth of talent that lies ahead in the upcoming NFL draft. The performances of these players have undoubtedly left a lasting impact, setting the stage for further anticipation and excitement leading up to the draft. As the evaluations and assessments continue, the spotlight will remain on these impressive stand-out performers as they gear up for the next phase of their football careers in the NFL.